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August 3, 2011

QOTD – Canadian Law

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“But that has to be balanced. You don’t have a right to just attack someone because they broke into your house. This is not the U.S.A. where your home is your castle and you have carte blanche once an intruder is inside your house.”

Said during a news interview, particularly centered around self-defense cases.  He says it like it’s something to be ashamed of to be the USA.  We wear that with a badge of honor.  If someone is in my home, I should NOT have to determine if he just wants my stereo next to my bed or if he wants to dispatch us so he has no fight.  It’s my RIGHT to remove the threat of violence with all due haste.  He is the man threatening the life of me and my family.

Canada is a Socialist country.  Nothing wrong with that if that’s how they want to run things.  That’s their choice.  Two parts of socialism are communal ‘protection’ and big government.  Who mandates the communal ‘protection’? The government.  This leads to a large, controlling government.  Once the government is that large, the citizenry expects more from them.  The government provides EVERYTHING.  They don’t even realize that the money comes from their fellow man and not the government.  They see a letter from the .gov and everything is good to go.  Why shouldn’t they expect the police to be the ones to interfere?

So, now the police show up.  Let’s say that for argument’s sake, the police show up while the act is being committed.  Homeowner is standing there between his wife and the intruder.  Also between his stereo and the intruder.  The intruder has a simple knife he took from the kitchen on the way in.  The cop has to make a decision.  What decision?  You and I both know that the goblin is about to get ventilated.

Scenario 2: The police show up 15 minutes after the intruder broke in.  The intruder now has a slight breathing problem from the gaping hole in his chest.  What right does that non-government person have killing someone like that?  He was only going after the stereo.  Mr. Canadian now has a potential fight in front of him for saving his wife’s life.

I’ll gladly wear that badge of honor.

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