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January 16, 2012

Beware of what you do… or don’t do.

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A few moons ago, in June of 2011, a blog named GunMart (which I will not link) posted a picture with a caption that was offensive to the subject.  Not only that, but the picture was copyrighted by the subject.  While it was legal for him to copy the image, he broke Wheaton’s Law by refusing to remove the picture or the caption.  The subject was Breda of The Breda Fallacy and was pornographic in nature.

The gun community didn’t take it lightly.  The internet also never forgets.

We’re fiercely loyal.  We like to stick up for our friends and help them out when they’re down and being kicked.  Fast forward 7 months.  TODAY!  RomeoTangoBravo helped a fellow gun nut out.  This gun nut was interested in winning a contest.  To win it, he was asking to help his friend out by clicking ‘Like’ on his entry.

Too bad his friend is from GunMart.


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