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May 28, 2012

Alton Brown carries a 1911!?

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One of my favorite TV personalities is sometimes called the “Bill Nye” of the Food Network.  If you watch the Food Network at all, you know who I am talking about.  He showed a side today that I never would have expected had I not seen it from his own virtual mouth!

I have lived my whole life on Bond films. I may crack before Skyfall releases. I mean…I’m carrying a PPK. #not kidding. by @altonbrown

@altonbrown .380 or 9mm? by @FallsJ

@FallsJ .32 ACP Actually. I think the frame’s just to bitey in .38. by @altonbrown

@altonbrown I hear ya. Better something in .32 that you’ll carry than something in .38 that you won’t. by @FallsJ and it’s a comment that I wholeheartedly agree with!

@guntruth @altonbrown Carries? Would not have guessed. by @novasbre

@novasbre not every day…but most days.  it’s a dangerous world. by @altonbrown

and seemingly answering back to the same fellow as though for clarification:

@novasbre at home we like to say the house is protected by mossberg, but the Mossberg is protected by H&K. by @altonbrown

He’s not shy about this, either.  Below is another branched conversati0n with another fellow from the initial PPK comment that started it all.  It seems to me that not only is he talking guns, he actually appears to know what he’s talking about and not just trying to flub his way through it!

@altonbrown which is your favorite? by @BigO2493

@BigO2493 for carry? Kimber ultra-carry 2. I like the 1911 frame best. by @altonbrown

And finally, one last bit of conversation with another person:

@altonbrown nice choice… firing pin safety and de-cocker. #responsible by @abumgardner

@abumgardner exactly by @altonbrown

Edit: One last conversation.  Not sure if the guy is trying to bait Alton or what…  (Edit: Lokidude from #gbc pointed out that this isn’t a jab, but a reference to a recent episode of “Next Food Network Star” where Alton is one of the team leads.  A high-five of sorts?)

@altonbrown If you can’t cook & talk at the same time, shut up.  Oh & Beretta 92FS all the way. by @DobbinPitch

@DobbinPitch nice choice by @altonbrown (It doesn’t look like Mr. Brown was going to take the bait.)

I never would have thought that he would carry and I’m really digging the fact that he is!  The more people that carry, the more our goblins won’t know which victims are safe targets!  Carry on, Mr. Brown.  Carry on!

Forever a fan.

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