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November 8, 2013

The twelve days of the drug war

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In the spirit of eliminating those nasty illegal non-existent drugs from clenched butt cheeks, I present to you….

The Twelve Days of the Drug War

On the 12th day of the Drug war, the victim swore to me:

Twelve dogs a sniffing,

Eleven cops a searching,

Ten cops arresting,

Nine judges stamping,

Eight lawyers signing,

Seven doctors bowing,

Six nurses prepping,

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive cinnamon rings!

Four anal probes,

3 extended digits,

2 X-Rays,

and a lengthy colonoscopy!

September 13, 2013

FINALLY found one!

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I guess we should finally leave the TSA alone, now.  As much as we thrash them on the internet, it’s all unwarranted it appears.

They’ve finally caught a terrorist.

They’ve apparently had their eyes on him for a VERY long time.  So long, that they’ve been paying his paychecks.

You might find the name familiar:  Nna Alpha Onuoha.  Why should that name be familiar?  He’s the fellow who felt himself morally superior and obligated to berate peoples’ children on how they should be dressing.

The package Onuoha left was found to contain an eight-page document headed “The End of America, the End of Satan, we were not defeated”, which expressed his thoughts on the episode involving Frauenfelder’s daughter, the affidavit said.

An article I find in conflict with itself is this one.  Onuoha claims Christianity, yet says that women should look to Muslim women for guidance.

If you need an example on how to properly dress your fifteen year old daughter before you send her out on a world tour in this world ruled by satan, you should look up to Muslim women

But yes.  Christian.  Definitely Christian.

Do not expect another 9/11. What will unfold on this day and on the days ahead will be greater than 9/11.

September 8, 2013

No good deed goes unpunished: Semper Fi edition

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A Marine (no longer active duty) saw a kid getting bullied by a full grown group of 20+ year old “men”.  While the kid was waiting with his dad, racial slurs get thrown about and the kid and his dad are about to get beaten.

In steps Wen Jones, a 43 year old Marine, to help the kid and his dad out.

No good deed goes unpunished.

The beat down left the Jupiter resident, former Marine and father of two needing surgery to fix a fracture under his eye. He also had stitches all over his face, including his tear duct.

But three months after the attack at Juno Beach Park, still occasionally a little foggy from the concussion, Jones says it was worth it.

“I’m not happy to have been injured pretty severely, but at the same time, I ask myself, would I do it again? You know, it was the right thing to do, so I probably would,” he said.

He paid a high price, but being the man that he is, he doesn’t regret it.  That’s character right there.  As for the people standing around opening your cell phone cameras, you’re pieces of excrement.

Semper Fi, brother.

August 1, 2013

QOTD: Jarhead edition

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Sometimes being a hero means finishing last. 

This is in regards to a young USMC Lance Corporal that, instead of finishing and proving to his Army buddies that he was more physically fit, proved instead that he was more honorable by getting a really crappy time just so a young kid didn’t finish last.  Badass doesn’t mean you finish a fight covered in your opponents blood, sometimes it means you’re just a little humble.

May 31, 2013

Adding to the gun pool

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Over the past 2 days, I’ve taught two classes of two people each so they could submit their application for their Utah Concealed Firearm Permit.

Four more people added to the gun pool.  Suck it, antis.

P.S.–Customers, thank you for your contribution to my children’s daycare.  It’s a noble cause.

August 24, 2012

New York’s finest. ‘The ONLY ONES’.

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This morning, a group of people were shot at the Empire State building where a former employee had some beef with a current employee.  Some people have some serious issues ‘upstairs’.  Fortunately, they stopped him before it went too far.  Here’s something that this story can remind us of:  they cops are human.

“The police are the ONLY ONES capable of being responsible with firearms.”  Have you heard that used before? (paraphrased)
From CNN Breaking News Alerts:

New York authorities say the gunman who opened fire Friday outside the Empire State Building had been fired from his job a year ago. The person the gunman shot and killed was a former colleague.

 Police who killed the gunman may have hit several of the eight people wounded, Mayor Michael Bloomberg says. All those wounded are expected to recover.

(Emphasis mine.)

Remember…   they’re the only ones responsible enough.  Isn’t that what the antis always say?  I’m surprised Bloomberg even admitted this.  Will there be charges against the cops who shot innocent bystanders?  Never.  What would happened had a civilian shot innocent bystanders?  Come to think of it, has anybody heard of ANY instances where a civilian has shot innocent bystanders while acting in a good Samaritan capacity?

August 13, 2012

Dr. Joe’s Cure for Everything

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This from #GBC:

13:25 <+Tango> FarmDad: your morning sickness link = Dr. Joe’s cure all.
13:25 <+Tango> Sorry.  ‘cure for everything’
13:26 -!- FarmDad is now known as FDafk
13:26 -!- Farmmom [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 14.0.1/20120713134347]]

And somehow that didn’t make the /topic

August 5, 2012

Not suspicious at all

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There’s nothing suspicious about a handcuffed left-handed man in the back of a police cruiser shooting himself in the right temple with a gun the police missed while searching him.
Nothing at all.


“As protocol he was handcuffed behind his back and double locked, and searched”, said Sergeant Lyle Waterworth, Jonesboro Police.

Somehow minutes later police say  they heard a thumping noised, turned around and found Chavis dead, shot in the head, in the back of the squad car.

June 18, 2012

Just because my kid’s awesome.

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I have no real reason for posting this other than because I want to.

On Saturday we went on the Heber Creeper.  This is my son’s picture my sister-in-law took.  I think I’ll call it “Just chillin!”


gunblog bleg – knife edition

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Everybody wants a supercool tactical tanto edge kukri with duratitanium edge with multiple rails for the upcoming holiday.

I want a carving knife.  Just a regular old knife that’ll fit either inside of my pocket OR clip to the outside.

A few years back, I bought a S&W SpecOps knife.  It was ok, but nothing special.  I liked the fact that the handle was metal.  It looked like it was cheap plastic, but definitely wasn’t.  What I hated was that the small hex screwheads were all some screwed up size.  So out of the 3 sets of hex drivers that I had, NOTHING was small enough to tighten them up and they came undone fairly frequently.  I don’t want to spend an extra $20 just to keep my knife usable.  I stopped using it when the outside pieces of the handle were starting to ply away from the core of the handle making the entire thing loose.  Very uncomfortable having a ‘loose’ knife rattling around down there with an assisted open.

So I’m looking for a new knife.  I started carving out a 1911 from a block of wood for my boy.  It’s not turning out too bad using a wood file and a flat chisel…  but the chisel is hard to maneuver and the times I came REALLY close to hacking myself open was scary.  Knives are far easier to manipulate.  I do NOT need it to be some ultra-ninja-tacticool (but rails would be SWEET!).  It just needs to have a GOOD blade that holds an edge and has to be a decent size.  Nothing Crocodile Dundee-esque.  I do not want a fixed blade.  A good, solid buck knife would be nice but the only thing I ever see are the ones that sell for $20 and are mass produced by some little factory in China.

Give me something good!  What are my options?

Update (6-18-12):  I drove out to Smith & Edwards and took a peak at their knives and when I saw it, I had to get it!  The sheathe sucks on it, so that will be replaced by a local leatherworker.  The blade is THICK and the entire knife has a great heft to it.  It whittles just fine, but with the blade being wider than most others, some tasks are more difficult.  It cuts up dinner just fine, flora or fauna.  My F-i-L cooked up a pork butt in his new smoker, so we ate pretty good and the knife hacked through it without using hardly any force.  Of course, I can expect that coming off of the factory floor so we’ll have to see how it handles in the real world over time.

The sheathe that comes with it doesn’t hold the knife in tight so if you shake it, the knife freely moves within.  That’s not good!  I’ll get one made that secures halfway down the blade and fights TIGHT around the belt so it doesn’t move at all.  The goal is to wear it as part of my EDC set and that’ll let that happen just fine.  Right now, no matter which shirt I wear, it hangs down about 1/2″ below the edge of the shirt.

I’ll also be picking up the Folding Hunter later on.  One for work, one for play!  The employer’s not a fan of ‘weapons’.  Mine’s only a weapon if you’re made of pork, beef, or wood grain.

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