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May 15, 2012

Breaking: aircraft hijacking despite TSA presence

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With all of the regulations in place, it looks like the TSA STILL can’t prevent a hijacking.  Does this surprise nobody?  It’s sad that this stuff still happens…  allow handguns to those with permits and watch the problems go away.

This time, they managed to ram the aircraft into multiple buildings before the momentum brought the aircraft to a stop.

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May 14, 2012

No TSA exceptions… even for Nat’l Security Advisors or Sec’s of State

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Some people just might be terrorists.  Others might not be.

It seems there was a fellow on Friday that is 88 years old and wheelchair bound.  This octogenarian was such a threat…  that he got “the full monty” of patdowns.  If you aren’t aware of who Henry Kissinger is, you are not alone!  The TSA didn’t know, either.  Henry Kissinger was the National Security Advisor and Secretary of State for Presidents Nixon and Ford.  Not only did he hold both positions, he held them simultaneously.  His diplomacy helped put an end to the Vietnam war… but according to the TSA he was likely holding an underwear bomb or perhaps his wheelchair was lined with explosives and he was just waiting to get airborn.

Disband the TSA now.

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