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May 4, 2012

As I promised my wife… I’ve started my project.

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Before I left for Boomershoot, I said that I wanted to start a project.  So, here’s a picture.  This might look familiar since it was in my Beards of Boomershoot post.  Nice, full, red beard.

What project is it that I’ve decided to do?  Often, people ask me “OMG!  How long did that take you to grow???”  and I could only guess and tell them “Ummm…  I dunno.  6 months?  8 months?

So now I will be able to tell everybody exactly how long.  Last night, my little boy and I took care of some business.

Day 1

I know I look crazy tired in that picture.  I was!  I’d only gotten about 4.5 hours of sleep the night before because I’d just gotten back from Boomershoot.  Well…  why is that picture labeled ‘Day 1’?

Because for the next 363 days (today is Day 2), I will be taking a picture.  For 1 year from that Date, May 3rd 2012, I will not shave, trim, or clip my beard or mustache.  In addition, I will take a picture each day.  At the end of the year…  we’ll see what I get!

March 28, 2012

How I’d spend my millions

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Jay started the meme.  I think.  Here’s my take:

If I had a quarter of a billion dollars.

Computers.  I like them.  Fast ones.  I’d have a bank of them for various purposes down in the basement, each fed to a different TV in the house.  The entire place would be wired with cameras on the exterior and a few on the interior in common thoroughfares like hallways, the kitches, and living/family room(s).

Enough land, preferably here in Utah, for a 1,500 yard range.  It would be a commercial range with 25 lanes.  Every 100 yards would be a set of steel resetting targets.  Every 250 yards would be a set of dueling trees every other lane.

For transportation, I would just get 3 brand-new vehicles.  An SUV of undetermined make/model and a pickup truck.  I’d get 2 trailers, though.  One is an open trailer with optional rails I can put around it to secure stuff to and a second trailer that’s fully enclosed.  That would hold the new Harley.

I’d have a new home built, but nothing extravagant on the outside.  Probably about 4,000 square foot.  In the basement, I’d have a vault built for the myriad of guns I don’t yet have (and for the few I *DO* have).  It would extend into the backyard (buried, so the backyard would look normal) and would contain a 25 yard indoor shooting range, well ventilated and capable of taking any sized round up to and including .50 BMG.

Another room in the basement would be my reloading room.  It would have 3 reloading stations.  Who likes reloading alone ALL the time?

Have you ever seen the DIY car shops?  I used to find them on base.  You’d pay like $20 and you’d get all the tools you’d need to fix your car.  For an extra $5, you had access to a lift to put your car up on.

Yeah, that…  but for guns.  I’d open a shop with an identical concept.  I’d have 15 reloading stations, each replete with a multi-stage reloader, full set of tools for non-reloading maintenance, and full stock of all kinds of ammo supplies available for purchase.  I’m sorry, if you reload .22 WSSM, you’re screwed.  Bring your own crap!  OTHERWISE, full sets of every kind of die you could think of for all of the MOST COMMON calibers.  Upon request, I will get the more obscure dies.  This facility would also have 3 test firing ranges, each segregated from the others.  They would be set up so if you were trying out a new reload, AT THE RISK OF YOUR OWN GUN, you could rig it up into a lead sled and pull the trigger using some cord through a hole in the Lexon panel and see if your gun blows up in your face or not.

My garage would fit 4 vehicles.  The Harley would have its own garage, though, so that’s not counted here.  The back edge of the garage would be very one of those garages that you see on those home makeover shows where the guy likes cars.  They end up decking it out.  That.  In my garage.  I’ll figure out what I need to do with all of it.  You let me worry about that part.

I’d use the money to fund a commercial product.  I want to invent cameras that fit on your guns.  Think of a gun light on a picatinny rail, but a camera.  Hell, if they can fit full 1080p on helmets for $200, I see no reason that you can’t have one to sit on a gun.  Perhaps with one of these, Mr. Zimmerman wouldn’t be in the pickle he’s in now.

I’d get certified in all of the NRA training courses.  Training on weapons, not training trainers.  Maybe that for later…

That leads me into the last thing I’d get:  A guest house that’s also about 4,000 sqft.  This is so I can buy friendship in #GBC and convince people to visit me so I don’t turn into a hermit.  People would wake up to the bowling ball cannons going off a few hundred yards off instead of a rooster.

It would be called the Joseph Palmer Center for Self-Defense and there would be a bronze statue in the front yard of Joseph Palmer, life-sized!

May 13, 2011

The Beard of Joseph Palmer

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I’m a beardo.  I love my beard regardless of those that do not.  Not everybody can grow one, so since I can I’ve got to make up for that rest of the population.  And you know what they say….  “Without a beard you’re the same as all of the other women and children.”  A big thank you to the American Scholar for allowing me to reproduce this in full even though they own the copyright on it!

The Beard of Joseph Palmer
by: Stewart Holbrook


One of the unsung but really great individualists who helped to make the United States a better and safer place to live was Joseph Palmer of Fitchburg and Harvard, Massachusetts, a man to be reckoned with in any discussion of the Bill of Rights.  He is forgotten now, and this is bad forgetting, for Palmer was a race of men that is now all but extinct.  And his story, I think, is as heartwarming as it is improbable.

Palmer came to national attention because he was the victim of one of the strangest persecutions in history.  Neither race nor religion played a part in Palmer’s case, which with some reason might otherwise be termed l’affaire Dreyfus of Fitchburg.  It was brought about by the fact that Joe Palmer liked to wear a beard, one of the most magnificent growths ever seen in New England or, for that matter, in the United States; and what made his beard particularly heinous was that it almost if not quite the only beard east of the Rocky Mountains, and possibly beyond.


April 18, 2011

I suck at posting

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I don’t post too often.  I really need to fix that.  Lots has been happening!

The wife and I are almost homeowners.  Appraisal is done tomorrow.  All I have left is to hear back from the underwriters to say Yeah or Nay.

I started a Twitter account.  Incredibly simple, no overhead, no designing to worry about, etc.  Find me @AntiTango.  Some punk took @Tango already…

I’ve gotten incredible compliments on the beard!  This picture is about a week too old.  I’ve since trimmed the sides and gotten a haircut so I don’t look like such the damned hippy.  Note to self.  Need a new pic.

So, in little more than a week I head to Boomershoot.  Incredibly stoked.  I’m a huge fan of Joe’s Blog and of Oleg’s work behind a camera.  He’s threatened to shoot me if he gets the chance.

My kid’s learning discipline.  He’s an incredibly smart little punk!  He’s being a very finicky eater, lately.  Doesn’t want to eat squat.  We force him to at least taste (not necessarily eat) one of each item on his plate.  Tonight was different.  My wife worked pretty hard making some chicken and rice with mixed veggies mixed in.  I cut a small piece of chicken and shoved it into his mouth.  Spit it back out so I pushed it back in.  After a dozen times, he got a super sad, big pouty lip on his face, and started chewing.  I will admit it, I was doggone mad.  He swallowed it a few seconds later.  Starting with that, our new rule with him eating is that he WILL eat at least one single bite of each item on his plate.  He won’t have to eat the entire thing, but he WILL take a bite, chew, and swallow one of each.

That reminds me.  I got a new hat!  I’m digging it so far, but got no pics with it on.  I’ll have to remedy that as well.  And with that, I’m signing off for tonight.

July 12, 2010

You cannot lie with a beard

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How trustworthy are you?  I myself and sporting a Full Beard.

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