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March 7, 2018

Christian Jack 7/7/17 – 3/6/18

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Last night gave me the most profound sadness a man can be given.  Last night, my baby boy passed away.  I’ve had a few people ask for details, so if that’s something you REALLY want to read, head below the break.



December 14, 2012

Protect Your Children

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In this world, you have but one purpose.  Your sole job is to protect your progeny.  What happened today in Connecticut was a disgusting, vile act.  Lives were WINKED out of existence by a monster.

Obviously, the world wants to prevent this.  I think that’s a wonderful idea.

Let’s look at what happened.  Someone who appears to have had no criminal background went nuts.  I haven’t seen tales of mental history, yet so I’m going with the assumption that he had a clean bill of health upstairs.  It should be illegal to take a gun onto school grounds.  Oh, it is in most cases.  It should be illegal to kill people.  Check.

So, it’s illegal to do what he did, but it didn’t stop him.  Already the cries for more gun control are deafening.  The idea is that if you make it more illegaler, it can’t possibly happen.  I think that’s wonderful.  Let’s make meth illegal, then nobody can smoke it.

No.  You protect your children.  It’s what you do.  Step up to the damned plate and take some responsibility for your charge(s).  You will not prevent a tragedy by telling him he’s not allowed to use a specific implement.  You prevent a tragedy of this magnitude by TRUSTING your teachers.

Teachers already go through background checks.  In fact, it’s the same FBI background check that firearms purchasers go through.  Train them.  Teach them viable tactics.  If they so desire, ARM THEM!  Teach them to be teachers and not just people that repeat a text book.  Give them the freedom to raise your child.  Your child already spends over 6 hours a day with this person.  You are trusting your child’s life with them.  That’s a HUGE responsibility!  If you are going to trust them, TRUST THEM.

It may not have stopped this tragedy, but it sure as hell would not have hurt to put the odds against the gun man.

September 21, 2012

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

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I have a 3 year old son, but there are some things that as a parent you just don’t want to think about.  Sometimes, parents aren’t given a choice to think about it or not.  The below video contains 1 swear word, but I don’t think it detracts from the narrative.

May 13, 2012

Mother’s Day Drama

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It was going to be a good Mother’s Day…  first thing this morning my wife and son got into an altercation that very quickly turned physical.  It calmed down before we had to get the police involved, though.  At one point, like the picture shows, he pulled out his every day carry (EDC) knife and had it pointed right at her.


April 6, 2012

National “Take Your Daughter to the Range” Day

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Very awesome indeed!

Boys learn to shoot in Scouts, or with their Dads. Often the girls are left behind, because shooting isn’t ‘girly.’ Well, we can, and do, shoot, and well! Learning to shoot gives young women confidence, helps to build self-esteem, and introduces them to a sport they can participate in their whole lives.

This event will promote firearms safety and education, as well as family bonding through participation in an exciting and fun sport.

I can’t argue with that!  June 9th, 2012.  Marked on the Calendar.  I don’t have a daughter yet, but I’ll make it so perhaps a friend can take HIS to the range.

February 26, 2012

The Great Butt Paste Caper

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I went to wake my son up today and discovered he was already awake.  He’s crying because when I asked my wife to come help me get it all cleaned up, she said “*sigh* Just go sit on the bed…” and the waterworks started flowing!  He gets eczema and gets itchy.  He knows that the lotion fixes it!

I wonder if there’s some OCD in there somewhere!  Check out the train table.  He lined up all of the bottles by charactaristics!  Another amusing tidbit….  the cream he used is the wide squeeze bottle in the lower row, slightly right of center.  It’s covered in its own cream and so are all of the bottles to the right of it.  He was lining them all up, got to that one, recognized it as cream that gets used on him (just not for the eczema!) and decided he was itchy!

Monkey will survive.  It’s his first night since he got Monkey that he’s sleeping without him.  Same with his blanket which is lying next to Monkey in that last picture.

hahahaha, he thought were were soooo mad at him.  We weren’t…  slightly annoyed that we had to clean up goo, but I’d rather have THIS kinda goo than the OTHER kind of goo.  Oh, and he’s not nekkid.  He’s in a diaper.  The huge fistful of Q-tips still cracks me up.

August 30, 2011

The Greatest Job on Earth

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Yes, I do indeed have the greatest job on Earth.  Don’t you agree?  Click below to play the audio (mp3 format).

My wife calls me very often to just say hello.  This of course is the greatest thing EVAR, but the rest are almost as awesome.

May 16, 2011

I’m not an abuser

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As was discussed before, I was accused of child abuse through lies.  Tonight I attempted to talk with Ladd Everitt over the phone, however he told me he didn’t want to talk to me.  I told him I would rather not go a legal route as long as he had two minutes to talk.  He refused to admit he lied when I brought it up to him and told me to send them a legal letter.  He told me that he had NO DESIRE to talk to me on the phone.

My intent is to leave the matter alone provided he admits that he lied, both to me personally and to his user base through the same means with which he lied in the first place.

At the end of the conversation, I fully admit that I got angry (he threatened my family, what man wouldn’t?) and said “You’re a f***.” before hanging up the phone.

Immediately following the phone call, this post went out over Facebook and Twitter.

CSGV’s Ladd Everitt just received a cell phone call at 9PM EST from Art Scheel, a gun rights activist who was featured in a Note on our FB page. Scheel claimed CSGV was trying to “harm his family” and threatened potential legal action. Everitt said he had no interest in having a conversation and told Scheel to send CSGV a letter regarding legal action. Scheel told Everitt “you’re a f***” and Everitt hung up.

With a reply by himself as well:

Needless to say, CSGV wishes no harm whatsoever to Scheel’s family. His anger stems over the fact that we hyperlinked to a blog he PUBLICLY posted on April 18. The content of that blog upset us and some of our supporters. That was indicated in discussion on the Note. As far as we’re concerned, the matter is over.

The matter is not over.  All I want is for him to admit he lied.  Removal of the evidence does not mean it didn’t happen.  You used a lie to grab the attention of your followers causing many of them to threaten and recommend CPS.  Without the lies, nothing would have happened since all but one of the comments were posted BEFORE the ‘crying’ bit was removed.

You know where to find me.

May 12, 2011

Coming out…

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So it’s disastrous…  we’ve been outed.  Now the entire interwebs knows our names.  To what end?  We’re really not sure.  I think it’s supposed to make us feel inferior or them superior or something.  It’s similar to when they discovered my blog after I started debunking the garbage they spew and passing it off as ‘facts’.  For instance, if you are largely funded by the Violence Policy Center (how apt since their policies create violence,) you cannot with a straight face cite VPC studies as your sole source of statistics in your claims.  Hit the ‘More’ link to read on…

Ladd Everitt file photo


May 2, 2011

The greatest job on Earth!

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I got back from Boomershoot today at about 8:00 am.  Dave, Don, and I drove all night long starting at about 5-6pm yesterday.  Ok, Don didn’t…  he got off the roller coaster in Spokane while Dave and I drove the entire trip back.  However, this post is neither so much about Boomershoot or the trip as it is about being a dad.  Joe Huffman’s creation of Boomershoot is officially to thank for creating the circumstances in which this moment came to be!

I’ve been gone since early last Wednesday, so the last time my boy’s seen me was Tuesday night when I put him to bed.  (Speaking of which, he cried when I put him to bed so that’s obviously abuse.)  I drove to the city (town?) where my wife works and ate at “Ole Grist Mill” which serves sandwiches and soups.  Good, cheap stuff.  My mother-in-law brought my son since she’s watching him.  My wife walked out to grab him and bring him in and he scanned the room.  When he saw me, he stopped scanning and started wiggling and pushing in my wife’s arms.  She stood him on the floor and was almost crying and ran as fast as his 20 month old feet could carry him to me.  He biffed it and came a few inches from busting himself on the concrete floor, but I caught him like he knew I would.

Greatest. Job. On. Earth.

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