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September 13, 2013

FINALLY found one!

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I guess we should finally leave the TSA alone, now.  As much as we thrash them on the internet, it’s all unwarranted it appears.

They’ve finally caught a terrorist.

They’ve apparently had their eyes on him for a VERY long time.  So long, that they’ve been paying his paychecks.

You might find the name familiar:  Nna Alpha Onuoha.  Why should that name be familiar?  He’s the fellow who felt himself morally superior and obligated to berate peoples’ children on how they should be dressing.

The package Onuoha left was found to contain an eight-page document headed “The End of America, the End of Satan, we were not defeated”, which expressed his thoughts on the episode involving Frauenfelder’s daughter, the affidavit said.

An article I find in conflict with itself is this one.  Onuoha claims Christianity, yet says that women should look to Muslim women for guidance.

If you need an example on how to properly dress your fifteen year old daughter before you send her out on a world tour in this world ruled by satan, you should look up to Muslim women

But yes.  Christian.  Definitely Christian.

Do not expect another 9/11. What will unfold on this day and on the days ahead will be greater than 9/11.

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  1. It’s getting so every whack job writing and plotting alone in his garret is a Christian, the better to club over the head Christians who actually behave well towards others and go to church, It’s getting so a Christian is something you can call yourself that no one can say you aren’t.

    Comment by Windy Wilson — June 5, 2014 @ 4:36 pm

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