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August 7, 2013

Photography Is Not A Crime – Neither is Open Carry

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Carlos Miller runs a blog/site regarding the violation of rights in regards to taking photographs in public, whether it’s photographing police officers during a stop or, in this case, taking photographs of a federal building.  Video of the encounter after the break.

I had circled the PPD HQ and was on my way back to my truck when I saw two officers ahead of me about a block away, which is when I activated my camera. Just then, I was suddenly illuminated by a spotlight from a low flying Police Helicopter. That’s when I turned around to see what was going on (I had headphones in and was listening to music and didn’t realize the impending detainment) and I was being swarmed from every angle by PPD officers.

The PPD officer who initiated the contact tried to disarm me right off the bat. (I was open carrying my 1911 in a holster on my right hip). He was unsuccessful as I stood my ground and stated that I do not consent in seizures.

While I do not agree with everything this guy did, particularly talking about pressure cookers, he stood up for his own rights, both with photography and with firearms.  He refused to be disarmed, refused to provide identification (apparently legal in AZ, as it should be), and refused to say anything worthwhile to them.

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