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December 20, 2012

Make this their last Huzzah!

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I had the below post submitted to a friend’s FB post where he’s very much in favor of limiting our 2A rights “for the children”.  I just thought it was worth reiterating here, after the break:


Ben shows himself to be a Fudd (of sorts) as well as an ‘only one’.  See, he’s a former Marine.  He’s one of those that’s been ‘properly trained’ but Sumdood isn’t.  I say he’s only ‘soft of’ a Fudd in that he wants HIS daughter protected by removing the tools I use to protect MY children.  Because he doesn’t like them, I shouldn’t have them.

This is my reply, saved for posterity because we know how that pesky memory hole is!:

You can’t say I ‘just don’t get it’ because what I’m seeing and what you’re seeing are two different things. I very much get it.

When you remove the tools that could potentially kill kids, you are removing tools that are used EVERY DAY to defend those same kids.

It’s estimated there are somewhere in the area of 11,000 deaths due to firearms each year. This also includes JUSTIFIABLE homicides where a meth head takes one to the grape during a home invasion by a dad protecting his daughter. It ALSO includes suicide. What does the method of death matter when it’s a suicide? 1 single projectile is used in those. If I remember correctly, Curt Cobain killed himself using a break action shotgun.

There are estimated to be 2,500,000 defensive gun uses every year nationwide. This is a metric that’s incredibly difficult to measure because simply beginning to draw a handgun can call off a violent felony. There are no statistics that say “The burglar ran away after he saw my rifle” yet that’s very clearly a gun that was used to defend an entire family.

So let’s say magazines were limited to 10 rounds. It’s a nice round number. It’s what was used in the ’94-’04 Assault Weapons Ban. Would it have stopped the Sandy Hook shooting or slowed it down?

No. Connecticut already has a strict AWB in place and the rifle was fully compliant with it. He obtained the rifle by murdering his own mother in her bed with it.

The murderer killed his mother, stole a gun, drove it loaded to the school, shot out the front window, murdered the office personnel, went to his mother’s classroom, killed the kids there… and you think he would have been stopped because a law says he should not use specific types of weapons?

So while you want to have ‘feel good’ legislation that would strip the rights from everybody, you would be doing absolutely NOTHING that would have stopped what happened. Not only that, but having legitimate means of self defense stripped from households everywhere, you are putting the very lives at risk that you wish to protect.

Self-defense against 2-legged critters is only HALF of what the Second Amendment is about. It is there to preserve liberty from an oppressive, tyrannical government. I don’t think it’s tyrannical, yet, but it’s definitely going there.

Habeas Corpus surrendered. “Papers please” by VIPR teams on our own highways. Non-officers telling people to “FREEZE!” even though they’re doing nothing illegal and the people have no choice but to do so under penalty of law. Parents watching their kids get touched in EVERY PLACE where the sun don’t shine and not even the freedom to comfort their child. Warrantless Wiretapping by the police. Assassinations on American citizens by our government. NYC allowing Stop-and-frisk because it’s “for your own safety” even though there’s no RAS or PC. No-fly lists where you are punished through no fault of your own with no way to appeal WHY you’re on that list. An entire town in Missourri under martial law.

What about when the government defines a nationwide curfew because of rampant violence and threats against the politicians? What about when Posse Comitatus is tossed aside? What about the first public execution? Right now, the police officers violate laws with impunity. The ONLY case that’s gone in the favor of the people were the Danziger Bridge Shootings from Katrina where the officers opened fire on unarmed civilians.

And it only gets worse… and when our rights are restricted to nothing, are your grandkids going to take your six-shot revolver and stop a run-away government?

Nobody will stop a monster hell-bent on causing the destruction of lives. You can prevent it by being prepared. Teach your childrens’ teachers how to defend themselves. Your children are with them 8 hours a day. Do you trust those teachers with your childrens lives? You are. Why not give them the best tools available should they show the initiative and heart to get their concealed firearm permit (or whatever it is called in your state)?

They are raising our kids and protecting them. Give them the tools to protect them.

So make this their last Huzzah!  Drive Gun Control into the sewers….  after all, Alan Gura can’t take them all on.

Update: It was a semi-auto shotgun Remington Model 11 20ga.


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  1. Well said!

    Comment by Erin Palette — March 4, 2013 @ 2:38 pm

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