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December 6, 2012

Fedex lost a gun

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Personally, I like UPS, but not by a large margin.  Fedex is convenient in that there’s one that lives right next door to my employer.

When you need a firearm repaired, you are legally able to ship it to the manufacturer and they manufacturer can legally ship it back without involving an intermediary FFL.  One of the guys over on utilized Fedex’s services to send and receive their firearm so Taurus could repair it.

I am extremely upset at the moment. I sent my Taurus 94 revolver in for a repair. The barrel needed to be replaced, and Taurus said to send it in and they’d fix it.
I never received any contact from Taurus, but was tracking the status online. A week or so ago I checked up on it and it was marked as “shipped”. Having not had it arrive yet (or receive a tracking number) I decided to call them today…..

Turns out the gun was delivered by Fedex on Nov. 23 and LEFT ON MY DOORSTEP. The guy from Taurus said that they ship everything signature required and does not know how it got left like that. Taurus said they will file a complaint with Fedex, and try to track it down, but beyond that I’m not sure what they will do. I was too upset to ask.

The way I see it either a Fedex employee decided he wanted a new gun, or they really did leave it on my front door and one of my neighbors walked away with it.

(Emphasis mine)

Obviously he must have screwed up.  He’s just someone that probably shouldn’t be able to ship guns, being an average Joe.  Right?

Utah CFP instructor ~ NRA Pistol Instructor

So he’s a RESPONSIBLE average Joe.

So who screwed up?  I dunno…  you tell me.


So FedEx says they delivered it to the front door.  Taurus specifically demanded an adult signature be required.  According to the tracking receipt, either the FedEx driver was cutting corners to save time and changed the delivery type to not require a signature, as indicated by the top most annotation, or FedEx as a whole cut corners to save the driver some time.  It looks to me that a person named “Signature not required” signed for this and was written in by the driver.  Thoughts?

There’s one thing that seems odd with this, though.  The section that says “Hold at FedEx Location service is not available for this shipment.” seems odd.  There should be a colon in here.  Either it should say “Hold at FedEx Location: service is not available for this shipment” or “Hold at FedEx: Location service not available for this shipment.”

Now, if I had to ship some firearms, Id think very carefully which service I’d use.



  1. Disclaimer – I work for one of FedEx’s competitors.

    Taurus should be able to get the signature from the digital pad the FedEx delivery guy used to track the package. If they maintain a note or delivery slip was there, they should be able to produce it. Unfortunately, since Taurus was the shipper, they are the ones that FedEx will talk to, and if they didn’t insure the package, FedEx may not honor what they say was the value of the package.

    If I were you, I’d be burning up the lines to Taurus for them to make this right. Until the package was in your hot little hands, it was their responsibility. They paid FedEx to take that responsibility, but IMHO they’re on the hook for it if you didn’t get it back.

    Comment by daddybear71 — December 8, 2012 @ 6:23 pm

  2. I had UPS ‘lose’ all the accessories for my Dragunov when I had it shipped to my local FFL for purchase. It was listed as being on the truck from out of state but was never scanned as coming off of it. They tried blowing me off and telling me there was nothing they could do and to file a claim until I told them it was a firearm (yeah, I lied) and would be contacting the BATFE. Miraculously, they ‘found’ it ten minutes later.

    Comment by Thirdpower — December 9, 2012 @ 8:59 am

  3. I actually drive for Fedex, the only way he could leave the package if it requires a signature is to sign it himself which obviously is highly frowned upon, @the minimum he would lose his job

    Comment by joe — May 6, 2013 @ 9:12 am

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