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June 18, 2012

gunblog bleg – knife edition

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Everybody wants a supercool tactical tanto edge kukri with duratitanium edge with multiple rails for the upcoming holiday.

I want a carving knife.  Just a regular old knife that’ll fit either inside of my pocket OR clip to the outside.

A few years back, I bought a S&W SpecOps knife.  It was ok, but nothing special.  I liked the fact that the handle was metal.  It looked like it was cheap plastic, but definitely wasn’t.  What I hated was that the small hex screwheads were all some screwed up size.  So out of the 3 sets of hex drivers that I had, NOTHING was small enough to tighten them up and they came undone fairly frequently.  I don’t want to spend an extra $20 just to keep my knife usable.  I stopped using it when the outside pieces of the handle were starting to ply away from the core of the handle making the entire thing loose.  Very uncomfortable having a ‘loose’ knife rattling around down there with an assisted open.

So I’m looking for a new knife.  I started carving out a 1911 from a block of wood for my boy.  It’s not turning out too bad using a wood file and a flat chisel…  but the chisel is hard to maneuver and the times I came REALLY close to hacking myself open was scary.  Knives are far easier to manipulate.  I do NOT need it to be some ultra-ninja-tacticool (but rails would be SWEET!).  It just needs to have a GOOD blade that holds an edge and has to be a decent size.  Nothing Crocodile Dundee-esque.  I do not want a fixed blade.  A good, solid buck knife would be nice but the only thing I ever see are the ones that sell for $20 and are mass produced by some little factory in China.

Give me something good!  What are my options?

Update (6-18-12):  I drove out to Smith & Edwards and took a peak at their knives and when I saw it, I had to get it!  The sheathe sucks on it, so that will be replaced by a local leatherworker.  The blade is THICK and the entire knife has a great heft to it.  It whittles just fine, but with the blade being wider than most others, some tasks are more difficult.  It cuts up dinner just fine, flora or fauna.  My F-i-L cooked up a pork butt in his new smoker, so we ate pretty good and the knife hacked through it without using hardly any force.  Of course, I can expect that coming off of the factory floor so we’ll have to see how it handles in the real world over time.

The sheathe that comes with it doesn’t hold the knife in tight so if you shake it, the knife freely moves within.  That’s not good!  I’ll get one made that secures halfway down the blade and fights TIGHT around the belt so it doesn’t move at all.  The goal is to wear it as part of my EDC set and that’ll let that happen just fine.  Right now, no matter which shirt I wear, it hangs down about 1/2″ below the edge of the shirt.

I’ll also be picking up the Folding Hunter later on.  One for work, one for play!  The employer’s not a fan of ‘weapons’.  Mine’s only a weapon if you’re made of pork, beef, or wood grain.



  1. I’m the wrong guy for this one. I tend to buy whatever is on sale at the big sporting goods store. I do have a Dremel tool that I absolutely could not live without. Lots of bits and blades. Hey, we’re guys. We’re entitled to a certain number of powertools. I think it’s in the Bill of Rights.

    Comment by Six — June 18, 2012 @ 8:58 am

  2. Huge fan of the Kershaw RAM series of knives, here. May be a bit outside of your budget, though, and I cannot say as though I do any carving.

    Comment by Linoge — June 18, 2012 @ 2:18 pm

  3. I’ve got one of the $15 kershaws walmart sells, the steel is good it holds an edge well, I haven’t used it long enough to know how well the frame is going to hold up the fasteners are all torx and the pocket clip isn’t very good. If you are doing a lot of carving you might want to think about picking up a $10 Mora knife to keep in the tool box with the file and chisel.

    Comment by Joat — June 18, 2012 @ 9:18 pm

  4. Well, when it came right down to it, I couldn’t resist getting it outright when I saw this at Smith & Edwards.

    Comment by antitango — June 19, 2012 @ 5:12 am

  5. The Buck folder is an American Icon. Back in HS in the mid 70’s everybody had those, or a Puma. I broke down and got a new folder recently, I call it the Gentleman’s Folder, it’s not very tactical but it has that stag-handle. It was $40+ on Amazon. It’s not super fancy though, and the blade is kinda thick and stiff so it feels very solid.

    Comment by NotClauswitz — July 10, 2012 @ 2:03 pm

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