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May 15, 2012

Nastiness in a taxi

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A little story that I wanted to share, but forgot about.  I suppose it was my mind trying to use a coping mechanism.  Or something.

During the Boomershoot ‘vacation’ while we were having car problems, we hung out at the Best Western for 2 days.  After we woke up the first day, I wanted to head to the Blazer to get a few things, namely my tablet’s charging cord and my laptop.  The change of clothes to something CLEAN was nice as well!

I talked to the front desk and asked if Orofino had a taxi service knowing darn well there’s no possible way since there’s a few hundred people at the most.  To my surprise there *IS* indeed a taxi service!  The BW’s front desk gave me a phone number written on a post-it note.

“Hello?”  She sounded like Marge’s sisters on the Simpsons.  “Uhhh…  yeah.  I’m trying to get a taxi.  Is this the right number?”  “Ayuh…”  “Ok, I need a lift to Tom’s Auto from the Best Western.”  “Ok, I’ll be there shortly.”

I grabbed my tablet and sat at a chair near the doors.  A bit later, a nondescript white sedan pulls up.  I start walking towards it and she starts wiping off the front seat.  Ugh…  granola, cereal, who the hell knows what else?  Does it say taxi anywhere?  No.  She’s dressed to kill, let me tell ya…  she’s wearing what look like nurse’s scrubs for bottoms and what was almost a mumu for a top and she’s lighting one cigarette from the butt of the other.  Since it was pouring out and cold to boot, she had the windows rolled almost all the way to the top.  I rolled mine down and when she saw rain coming in, she shut the window.  Apparently she didn’t want her car to get dirty inside…

We got to the car place, I got a few bags from the Blazer and then drove back to the BW and when I got up to the room, I wanted to burn the clothes.  10 minutes in a car had caused the smoke to permeate down to my skin.  Nice…  sure she was nice.  She was also nasty.

The next day when the car was fixed, I asked them if there was a different person that offered driving services and there wasn’t, however a very nice young lady working the front desk in what appeared to be a managerial position offered to drive me over to the car shop to pick up the Blazer so we could get outta Dodge.  She has NO IDEA how welcome her driving me over there was!


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