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May 3, 2012

The Beards of Boomershoot

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Submitted as my humble presentation of a unique side of BOOMERSHOOT!  While the shooting sports is open to all participants, there’s something very decidedly MANLY about blowing crap up with rifles that are shot…  by blowing something up!  What could POSSIBLY be more manly than that?  I think I may have found it.  A world where we men reign without threat of usurpation*.  I present to the world…


From left to right.  Curtis, Barron’s F-I-L, Barron, Me, Rolf

This guy and the next picture were there as spectators.  They did have 2 other fellas with them that had beards just as awesome, but they left just a few minutes prior to me getting the pictures.

I figured everybody else is already covering the explosives, guns, and…  well that’s pretty much what Boomershoot is.  If not the gear, then the friends seen again and the friends newly met.  This is not an all inclusive list, to be sure.

* Footnote: If anybody knows a lady that would fit this post, by all means let me know.  Awkward, but fair game!


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