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April 6, 2012

The selfishness of the Progressive mindset

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The term ‘progressive’ means moving forward.  When you use the term in an unpolitical manner, it’s synonymous with PROGRESS.  Progress towards what depends on the end goal.  When speaking politically, you are still talking similarly with ‘progress’.  Again, it depends on that end goal.

I have an idea what that end goal would be…

Think about it in terms of Socialism.  Helping out EVERYBODY* using the resources of EVERYBODY ELSE.  This is the Democratic (aka Progressive) mantra.  Help the little guy.  But at whose expense?  The medium to big guy.  Robin Hood.  Steal from the rich, give to the poor.  “But it’s not stealing!  It’s making sure you give your fair share!”  But it ALWAYS comes at an expense.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch, even if you’re not the one paying for it.

* Everybody means ‘those that are eligible.’

So now we’re talking about resources.  What happens when the Progressives help out the little guy?  Well, they just put CASH MONEY in the little guy’s pockets!  Sure, it was MY money and YOUR money, but THEY are the ones that put it there!  They did awesome work reallocating YOUR money, doggone it!  The Conservatives (and Libertarians) say “Hey, they should be working for their money, not getting it for free!”  How dare we advocate self-help.

And they get the credit for doing it.  They want ALL that credit…  We give the money, they get the credit.

Let’s move to something besides resources.  Efforts.  To be Progressive takes on a slightly different meaning, now.  Conservatives still advocate self-help.  We think that if someone is breaking into our house and decides to clean you out of your valuables…  and maybe take a little something extra special from the wife, we should have the right to defend ourselves through lethal means.  We also believe that extends outside of the home.  If we are walking home from a restaurant, we should be able to defend ourselves against some knife wielding punk after a purse and a wallet through any means the punk deems fit.

The Progressives don’t want that.  You see, there are people that fulfill that job.  The Police.  They’re trained.  The average Joe Schmoe is just a mall ninja with a grudge and a gun.  Besides, we just put everybody else in danger, unlike the Police.

This is where the title comes in.  This is selfish…  once again, they are advocating that you rely on the government.  The government…  that is them.  It creates a system of reliance.  They are again being the benefactors of justice through their actions.

They are selfish.  They want to enact laws because that’s what they do.  They want to legislate the masses into compliance.  Gun Control.  It’s what you do instead of something.  We offer the means with which the public can protect themselves.  They offer reliance on a stretched thin force that doesn’t even have to do the job they were created for.

“Well, *WE* need to find a way that makes it so *WE* can stop people from doing this.” They want to be able to take credit for keeping the populace safe. They want it to be THEIR efforts that save lives. What good are they if we no longer need them?  It’s selfish.  They want to curtail our efforts so their constituents won’t realize they hold as much power for protection as the police…  and again, they’ll get all the credit for ‘keeping us safe’.

If we’re fully reliant on the government, we won’t need to have the means to protect ourselves…


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