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March 27, 2012

The Gunnie Dream

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I had the dream last night.  Every gunnie has them.  Sometimes they are depositing a check when someone robs a bank and their carry piece won’t fire or has a squib or won’t go all the way into battery…

I was leaving a building and 4 guys were all surrounding the door as I went to leave.  I tried to act nonchalant and smiled as I pushed through, but they very obviously wanted what I had.  The knives gave it away.  I reached into my pants pocket, of course that’s where everybody keeps their money and where I keep my LCP.  I pulled it and fired 3 shots until the gun went empty.  It was in slow-motion, like the bullets were moving slow, but everybody was moving at normal speed.  I shot all 3 in the exact same spot, since it was about 2 feet away.  The very top of the solar plexus.  I saw blood start to ooze from the first two, but I know I got 3 of the 4 guys.  One of them gave me the nastiest of looks while he drug his buddy inside.  I called 911 and stood there eating an ice cream cone while wondering why my LCP only had 3 rounds in it.

That’s all that I remember.  This was the first of my gunnie dreams where it worked out to the detriment of the bad guys.  Usually, it doesn’t fire or there’s a misfire or the gun doesn’t go all the way into battery when I chamber a round, which is really odd since I carry fully loaded.

Lessons learned from this?  None.  None of the screw-ups are something I do in real life.


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  1. Howdy NaT,

    Good to hear about your dreams there, Gunnie. I have reoccuring themes— military and college, sometimes work. But most times in my military related dreams the M1Garand, or other rifle I am trying to shoot the bad guys with doesn’t work or misfeeds, etc. IRL, my Garands are BEAUTIFUL shooting machines!!.


    Comment by ML27 — April 10, 2012 @ 10:35 am

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