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February 26, 2012

The Great Butt Paste Caper

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I went to wake my son up today and discovered he was already awake.  He’s crying because when I asked my wife to come help me get it all cleaned up, she said “*sigh* Just go sit on the bed…” and the waterworks started flowing!  He gets eczema and gets itchy.  He knows that the lotion fixes it!

I wonder if there’s some OCD in there somewhere!  Check out the train table.  He lined up all of the bottles by charactaristics!  Another amusing tidbit….  the cream he used is the wide squeeze bottle in the lower row, slightly right of center.  It’s covered in its own cream and so are all of the bottles to the right of it.  He was lining them all up, got to that one, recognized it as cream that gets used on him (just not for the eczema!) and decided he was itchy!

Monkey will survive.  It’s his first night since he got Monkey that he’s sleeping without him.  Same with his blanket which is lying next to Monkey in that last picture.

hahahaha, he thought were were soooo mad at him.  We weren’t…  slightly annoyed that we had to clean up goo, but I’d rather have THIS kinda goo than the OTHER kind of goo.  Oh, and he’s not nekkid.  He’s in a diaper.  The huge fistful of Q-tips still cracks me up.


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