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February 17, 2012

We’re not a fringe group

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I am the gun lobby.  That made its rounds 2 months ago.  I enjoyed it then and I enjoy it now!  It was reinforced today by fellow pogonotrophist, Weer’d.

Somehow lots of gunnies enjoying a coffee is now promoting “Latte Liberals”? Nope, we’re just showing that gun owners are the target market of Starbucks.

Honestly at the rate that stores are selling guns, and states are issuing carry permits, we’re damn near every market. We’re too big, and too diverse to be so pigeonholed with the anti-rights stereotypes that all gun owners are heavy-set Rural white males with ultra-conservative social values. We gots thems, but we also have women, minorities, homosexuals, Atheists, and a good deal of people who call themselves Democrats. Oh and it seems we can all agree that a cup of coffee and maybe a confection is a nice thing to enjoy.

We’re no longer the scattered few on the run from the anti-gunners.  We’ve not only rebounded from the AWB, we’ve overran your perimeter…  and done what?


We haven’t killed you over parking spots.  We haven’t shot you because you cut us off on the interstate.  We haven’t shot you because you like organic produce.  We haven’t shot you because you berate us for driving Ford Earth[ragers].

Why?  Because even though you haven’t noticed it, we are your neighbors.  We are your hairdresser.  We are your child’s teacher.  We’re not fringe, anymore.  Society has realized that we’re not so bad and much of society has realized they are just like we are.

You are now fringe.  You aren’t 14,000,000 strong, no matter what your webpage says.  You may no longer demand compromise since you understand that it will not work, but you sure want our life to be driven into the dirt.  Since you cannot do so legally, you are resorting to threats against business owners.  Empty threats.

When you rail against “the gun lobby”, you are railing against Every. Group. Out. There.  We are they and they are us.  And you are history.

Update: Sean D Sorrentino brings the sad (for them) truth in Weer’d’s comments:

Here’s what you’re not understanding, Weer’d. You’re not understanding that these leftists view Starbucks as their turf. It’s not just that we’re carrying guns, it’s that we’re doing it on their turf. And worst of all, Starbucks, that beacon to coffee house liberals, isn’t telling those barbarian right wing gun nazis to get off the lawn!

Their idea:  “We made you, we can break you.”  The issue with that is we believe in helping those that help us.  We’ll go to bat, support them, and empty our wallets if it means helping out those that want to leave us alone.



  1. Well said, man!

    Back in the hey-day of the antis, a lot of people owned guns, but most of them were hunters, sports guns, or just things they had around. Few people carried. Few people had dedicated defensive arms, and most of the “traditional” gun owners saw the defensive gun owners as strange, or paranoid, or dangerous.

    Fast forward to today. People still hunt…but a LOT of them are grabbing an AR-15 of some sort rather than a bolt-action or lever gun. Carry permits are on the rise. People getting a home defense gun, and a home defense plan is on the rise.

    We are the majority.

    Comment by Weer'd Beard — February 17, 2012 @ 7:42 am

  2. The re-normalization of America’s good gun culture proceeds apace!

    Comment by Kevin Baker — February 17, 2012 @ 10:45 am

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