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February 16, 2012

Bird shot is not for Self-Defense. This kid’s gonna go far.

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So in 2007, a 17 year old in Detroit is ‘lured’ to the wrong side of town by a friend.  The friend tries to kill him and uses a shotgun.  He doesn’t know much ABOUT shotguns, so he uses some birdshot.  Probably BB, but can’t really tell.  He gets shot 3 times.  Once in the arm, once in the chest, and once in the scalp.

The kid survives…

The attitude this kid’s got…  he is gonna go far in life, I think.  Good on him.  HOWEVER, this should teach us a lesson as well.  First, be aware of your surroundings.  I’m not entirely sure that would have helped very much in this situation since he was kinda blindsided by a ‘friend’.  Second, bird shot is just that: For the birds.  Get yourself some double ought to keep your family safe.


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