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January 27, 2012

Jumped the shark

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With an actual hit TV series, Gerber releasing lines of pokies dedicated to the undead, and even commercials getting in on the action, I have to put my piece into the pie.

I got these before Halloween last year, but had to paint the combat gnomes.  The zombie gnomes were prepainted.  The combat gnomes were plain and needed to be painted.  I did this with acrylic paints from a local craft store.  All zombie gnomes are from DougFX and all combat gnomes are from Thorsson.

SayUncle reminded me of this and linked to a new combat gnome.  That means there are 2 more combat gnomes I need  I’ve already got the Gnome with a Grenade, but it’s still unpainted.  I didn’t get it until after Halloween.  I still need the Rocket Launcher combat gnome and the one Uncle linked to.

Minor Edit:  The combat gnomes are from the same artist as the one featured in SayUncle’s article above.  The zombie gnomes are a different artist.

I also have the Cthulhu Thinker that he’s got for sale.



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