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January 10, 2012

Sign of the times?

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It’s the sign of the times a defended home.  On December 18th, the Brady Bunch called for a candlelight vigil to be held January 8th.  Their video (below) has 1,579 views total since the posting of it.  It’s great to remember what these people died of.  It also reminds people of the mistakes that were made.  Only a few of the bystanders were armed.  Without them, the death toll would have been higher.  They use the deaths of victims to push their agenda.

Bets on how many of their views are gunnies making fun of their ‘big announcement’?

Weer’d Beard, a fellow beardo and gunnie, asked his audience to participate in the vigil.  He also asked that their candles be displayed with tools that REALLY prevent crime.  Their handguns.

Barron and Joe took this to a whole new level with video.  I would like to point out that Barron’s video has been on the internet for 2 days.  3,791 views in 2 days.  Hey, Joyce Foundation.  You getting your money’s worth?  More than double the views in 2 days compared to over 3 weeks that the Bradys have had.

These guys are making sure the people that died last year on January 8th did not die in vein.  Candles will not prevent violence…

…or will they?

Candles now have a new power.  Candles CAN prevent violent crime.

Display a candle.  Mine is within full view of our front picture window.  Mine just has a friend.  Perhaps with enough momentum, people will recognize the candle as meaning that with the candle comes the gun.

Maybe they’ll think twice, not because they’ll feel bad, but because they have a sense of self-preservation.  It might be just a .380, but I’ve never heard someone say it was ‘just a .380’ who was standing on the business end.

Let’s light em up so perhaps we won’t have to ‘light em up.’  Health and long life.  Stay armed and stay safe!

The candle now has two meanings.  The first is that your victim may not be unarmed.  The second is that the Bradys…  have reached irrelevancy.

WEERD:  Sorry I missed your candlelight shindig.  😦  I wasn’t paying much attention to blogs for almost two weeks because of IRL stuff.

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