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December 2, 2011

A Goblin’s Ultimatum: “Drop it, or I’ll shoot you.”

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“You can yell at somebody, but pointing a gun at his head does a lot better job.”

That’s Tim Patterson there speaking about his previous day’s actions.  Tim heard a woman screaming, ran to investigate, and found the goblin with a knife to a woman’s throat.  He pulled out his .45 and gave the man an ultimatum.  Hopefully, the cops can get good prints from the knife and put the scumbag where he belongs.

Tim Patterson (and others like him) are why states like Idaho have a low crime rate.  “An armed society is a polite society.”

This reminds me of Marko Kloos’s essay: “Why The Gun is Civilization”  The goblin can deal with the woman through either force or through reason.  Force was removed from the equation through a single $0.30 item.

The goblin’s choice was made very clear.

Monday afternoon was another normal day of cooking burgers and fries and hot dogs and Philly cheesesteaks for Tim and Debbie Patterson.

Then, about 2 p.m., they heard a scream.

Tim rushed out the back door of The Big Yellow mobile kitchen at the corner of Harrison and Fourth. He looked around the Goodwill parking lot full of cars, and heard another scream. Then, he heard a woman’s voice.

“Let go of me,” it shrieked.

Patterson charged around a car and stopped. A man had a woman’s head pulled back with one hand, and a knife to her throat with the other.

Patterson didn’t hesitate.

He drew his Kimber 1911 .45 with a six-shot clip.

“Drop it, or I’ll shoot you,” he shouted.

The assailant, wearing a hoodie that covered his face, glanced up. He immediately let go of the woman, dropped the knife, raised his arms in the air and fled.

Emphasis mine.  The goblin chose properly.  Kudos to Mr. Patterson.

On the other hand…  if you were a follower (read cultist) of a Joyce organization, you’d have preferred the old woman lose her life or her store’s bank deposit than the actual outcome.


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