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August 31, 2011

Darnell Dockett’s defense against the MSM

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Darnell Dockett came to my attention months ago when he live tweeted his incident with the police where he refused to allow them to search his vehicle without a warrant.  To the Liberal Left, this is scandalous…  Nobody without something to hide would do this!

No, this is Darnell Dockett putting his line in the sand and standing up for his Constitutional Rights against illegal searches and seizures.

-I don’t know why the police always messing w/me I’m never gonna let them search my car with out a search warrant! No matter what!

-Police sitting here waiting on back up cuz I told them YOU NOT SEARCHING MY CAR! PERIOD! & now I’m sitting here! Owell I aint got shit 2 do!

-There R 3police cars and they are talking! I don’t see A search warrant they won’t see inside this escalade! I got all day hope they don’t!

-Police said “do you mind if we look around in your Vehicle?” I said I sure DO! He said “I’m gonna call back up” I said u wanna use my phone?

-I think they (POLICE) going to get a search warrant cuz they sitting here looking like fools waiting on something!

-These COPS really think I’m stupid they playing good cop bad cop! BOY STOOOOP! I’m not falling for that! NO SIR YOU WILL NOT LOOK IN MY CAR!

-This cop just ask me how tall R u & where R U from! I’m bout to ask him can I go across the street to POPEYS while we sitting here waiting!

-I been sitting here for a HOUR 1cop by the driver window, 2talking at the car! And the 1by the window being friendly! Like wtf?

-I asked the cop why he pulled me over he said I was speeding I said BULLSHIT! But give me the ticket that’s when he asked to search my car!

-So you gonna lie and say I’m speeding then you wanna search my car! Get the F*ck ouutta here! Better go get a warrant *turns up radio*

-OK so now I think they letting me Go cop just brought my DL’s and registration! Yeah I’m bout to be out this MOFO!

Recently, Mr. Dockett has been catching a lot of flak because of a more recent post.  Today, he said:

Damn I almost brung my ‘ROCKET’ into work this morning like gilbert arenas. But mine was by accident it was in my book bag.

Kept sayin to myself why is my book bag so heavy, looked in side it was Big pookey’ nickel plated Glock 40′ trying to come to work w/me! Smh.

He ACCIDENTALLY ALMOST brought it to work.  ALMOST.  This is enough to flay him open in the MSM.  The tweet was 5 hours ago…  and this search is just the tip of the iceberg.  I stopped counting at page 3:

However, it’s one of his later posts that I want to bring to light.  The last post in this next series of posts (current as of the time of this writing).

Lmfaoo, media full of shit, I accidentally “almost” bring my gun to work, gun is registered, and yall compare me to Javaris Crittended lmfaoo

Ok so from this day on I will not speak the truth on twitter I will just lie and be like 97% of the people on here! #confirmed

Carrying a gun in az is LEGAL, I have my gun license, & I don’t bring my gun to work cuz its a rule! But I have it everywhere I Go! But wrk

Then I hear people say you a NFL player you shouldn’t have a gun, yeah that’s what sean taylor thought too! May he RIP! But yall trippn!

I’m done with this GUN thing, just know I’m always strapped, I got them same guns T.I got locked up for And its LEGAL *puts gun underseat*

I got a son/family 2 look after & no 1 gonna protect them like me period! Ill go buy this tomorrow!

You see that?  What a dangerous man!  How DARE he carry a gun!  He’s in the NFL after all!

This, folks…  is a man who GETS IT!  He knows that the only person that can be truly responsible for his family’s safety is himself.  As SCOTUS has said time and time and time and time again, the police are under NO OBLIGATION to protect an individual.  They are there to mop up the mess.

Mr. Dockett, keep on doing what you’re doing.  You’re fairly well versed in the laws and you’re so far personally responsible for your actions and I applaud you!

I do have a little bit of criticism for you.  There is no gun registration in Arizona or virtually any other state.  There *ARE* exceptions, but they’re few and far between (Massachusetts comes to mind).  As far as how you carry in your vehicle, I’d recommend some kind of mount, perhaps between your seat and the center console.  This will keep it immediately accessible in case you need it and keep it safe from accidental discharge.  Handguns under seats can be dangerous depending on other circumstances.  I know of a story where a woman died after being shot in the leg after a .22 on the floor fell out and went off, striking her in her aorta.  Always keep it secured (not locked up, that’s worthless if you need it).

Learn some of the shooting sports.  Take some courses perhaps for basic self defense situations.  I think it would benefit you greatly.

Again, I think it’s fantastic what this man’s doing.  He protects his rights, his family, and his self.  Two Thumbs up here.



  1. And while I know this is a petty complaint indeed, for the love of Pete, could we please tweet with some degree of grammatical structure? Spelling is hard to come by on phones, I will grant, and the 140-character limit is a bear, there is no doubt, but unless we are talking about lolcats, things like that just grate on my nerves.

    But that is only because I am an anal-retentive nit-picker ;).

    Aside from that, I have absolutely no problems with anything Mr. Dockett did – AZ no longer requires a license to carry, and while I am not familiar with their vehicular search laws, requiring a warrant would not surprise me. Granted, his tweeting about almost bring his firearm to practice might have been a shade foolish, but it also serves as a good reminder to the rest of us to be mindful of where we are and where our firearms are.

    In any case, the media losing their collective gos-se over this Twitter monologue is just damned stupid, but typical…

    Comment by Linoge — September 1, 2011 @ 1:46 pm

  2. Yeah, I’m a nitpicker, too. However, I know I’m not going to convert the world, so bleh.

    As far as searches go, AZ is a very conservative state, but even so they cannot search without a warrant no matter how much they could possibly want to. The 4th Amendment is very much in force nationwide… for the time being. It’s hard to believe they’re giving this much attention to one innocuous statement.

    Comment by antitango — September 1, 2011 @ 5:29 pm

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