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May 24, 2011

The Left breeds that which they despise

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I had a random thought earlier today.  First, the Liberal Left despise those that benefit from Capitalism.  The richest among us.  Who are the richest?  Those that run and maintain the most successful of companies.

The Right-most of the political spectrum believe in the phrase ‘Spoils to the victors’ and when you are speaking about the business world, this means when one company loses out, the sales from the consumers go to the winner.  As some would prefer us to believe… “There is a point where you’ve made enough money.”  It doesn’t matter that it’s all perfectly legal and hard earned.  Your business succeeded…  now it’s time to be punished.

I read a story earlier today about a small business owner in California that was driven out of business…  not by competition, but by regulation.  The sheer number of regulations made her overhead so high, that she was unable to maintain her business, so she closed up shop.  To the Right, this means the victors are her competition.  The money that WOULD have gone to her now go to them, increasing their profit margins.  I will call this massive overhead the Liberal Overhead.

Without the pointless regulations, fees, licenses, and taxes, she could have maintained her meager business, allowing her to grow ever slowly.

The Liberal Overhead itself is what has caused small businesses to close up shop.  By preventing small businesses from taking off, they’ve bred that which they rally against.  Liberal Overhead, which is caused by the desire and belief that everything must be regulated and the regulation must be funded, is what is helping to turn the largest of companies into monopolies, stifle competition, and increase unemployment.


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