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May 18, 2011

9 o’clock and all’s well!

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Sure is quiet this evening.



That can’t be right.  CSGV are the GOOD guys.  That’s what they tell us, anyway.


That can’t be right. Says they only posted his NAME!


Waaaaaaait a minute!  Now the entire puzzle comes together.  AMAZING how it looks when you can see both sides of the curtain.  It seems that the @CSGV account was suspended not because it was requested done so by @linoge_wotc, but because the Twitter staff came to that decision on their own.  All Linoge_wotc asked for was that the 3 tweets mentioned be addressed.  It DOES appear that the tweets were removed per Linoge’s request.  Again, he did not request the account be suspended, only that the tweets be removed that supposedly contained personally identifiable information.

On a fairly IRONIC note, it’s very interesting how Mr. Jason Tippitt asked if there’s grounds for Libel.  Umm…  WHAT?


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  2. […] posting the IRL information of people is harassment in the eyes of the twitter TOS.  I do want to repeat what I said.  Linoge did NOT ask that the account be suspended.  He asked that they take care of 3 posts that […]

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