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May 2, 2011

The greatest job on Earth!

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I got back from Boomershoot today at about 8:00 am.  Dave, Don, and I drove all night long starting at about 5-6pm yesterday.  Ok, Don didn’t…  he got off the roller coaster in Spokane while Dave and I drove the entire trip back.  However, this post is neither so much about Boomershoot or the trip as it is about being a dad.  Joe Huffman’s creation of Boomershoot is officially to thank for creating the circumstances in which this moment came to be!

I’ve been gone since early last Wednesday, so the last time my boy’s seen me was Tuesday night when I put him to bed.  (Speaking of which, he cried when I put him to bed so that’s obviously abuse.)  I drove to the city (town?) where my wife works and ate at “Ole Grist Mill” which serves sandwiches and soups.  Good, cheap stuff.  My mother-in-law brought my son since she’s watching him.  My wife walked out to grab him and bring him in and he scanned the room.  When he saw me, he stopped scanning and started wiggling and pushing in my wife’s arms.  She stood him on the floor and was almost crying and ran as fast as his 20 month old feet could carry him to me.  He biffed it and came a few inches from busting himself on the concrete floor, but I caught him like he knew I would.

Greatest. Job. On. Earth.


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