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April 25, 2011

T minus two days…

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…until the masses gather near Orofino, Idaho for the annual destruction of the explosives Joe Huffman has dubbed Boomershoot.  “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.”  Not really.  I have to pack my clothes and personal items like mp3 player, laptop, etc.  The important stuff is all packed up and staged.  Rifles, ammo, cleaning stuff, more ammo, eyes and ears.

Some sad news is that Oleg Volk won’t be there this year which was to be one of my highlights.

The good news is that I will have lots to do.  Met some new folks on Twitter of the past few weeks that I almost immediately started referring to them as ‘friends’.  People that have stood behind me when attacked by bigots on a personal level.  BarronBarnett primarily!  Thanks, buddy.  Next on that list is DavidWhiteWolf from Random Nuclear Strikes.  He’s promised to let me see Sgt. Bierkle’s 1917 revolver…  I LOVE pieces of history, especially history that was owned by a Marine.  A Marine that was at the Frozen Chosin, nonetheless!  The fight that made and destroyed men…  I still get to meet Joe Huffman.  Never met him, but you can tell by his posts that he’s an incredibly intelligent man, even if he is a Micro$oft fan.  Then again, I would be too if they put bacon on my table!


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