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April 23, 2011

Blogroll Maintenance

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A few new entries to the blogroll, right side.

The Minuteman with Barron Barnett.  A new friend I recently met through Twitter.

Days of our Trailers with Third Power and Kaveman.  I’ve read their blog for a long while now and should have added them long ago.

Snowflakes In Hell with Sebastian.  One of the more popular blogs when it comes to civil rights and injustices with a focus on 2A.

Knuckledragging My Life Away with Wirecutter.  Wirecutter needs no introduction.  Read his stuff if you don’t mind being offended, if you hate Obama, or if you want to see someone that just wants to be left the hell alone.  This blog is potentially (probably) NSFW due to language and awesome cameltoe.  You’ve been warned!

Weer’d World with Weer’d Beard.  Very frequently updated blog with well thought out posts from a former Liberal turned free citizen. Fellow #GBConspiracy member!

The Newbius Papers with Newbius.  Another #GBConspiracy member that runs a pretty good ship.  Unfortunately, it’s always him and not me that gets to meet the really fun people.

Oleg Volk’s Blog with Oleg Volk. Best. Job. In. The. World. He gets paid to shoot guns and women.  Actually shoots the guns, takes PICTURES of the guns, and takes pictures of everything.  Some of which are some ladies that are very easy on the eyes. Part time #GBConspiracy visitor.


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