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April 18, 2011

I suck at posting

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I don’t post too often.  I really need to fix that.  Lots has been happening!

The wife and I are almost homeowners.  Appraisal is done tomorrow.  All I have left is to hear back from the underwriters to say Yeah or Nay.

I started a Twitter account.  Incredibly simple, no overhead, no designing to worry about, etc.  Find me @AntiTango.  Some punk took @Tango already…

I’ve gotten incredible compliments on the beard!  This picture is about a week too old.  I’ve since trimmed the sides and gotten a haircut so I don’t look like such the damned hippy.  Note to self.  Need a new pic.

So, in little more than a week I head to Boomershoot.  Incredibly stoked.  I’m a huge fan of Joe’s Blog and of Oleg’s work behind a camera.  He’s threatened to shoot me if he gets the chance.

My kid’s learning discipline.  He’s an incredibly smart little punk!  He’s being a very finicky eater, lately.  Doesn’t want to eat squat.  We force him to at least taste (not necessarily eat) one of each item on his plate.  Tonight was different.  My wife worked pretty hard making some chicken and rice with mixed veggies mixed in.  I cut a small piece of chicken and shoved it into his mouth.  Spit it back out so I pushed it back in.  After a dozen times, he got a super sad, big pouty lip on his face, and started chewing.  I will admit it, I was doggone mad.  He swallowed it a few seconds later.  Starting with that, our new rule with him eating is that he WILL eat at least one single bite of each item on his plate.  He won’t have to eat the entire thing, but he WILL take a bite, chew, and swallow one of each.

That reminds me.  I got a new hat!  I’m digging it so far, but got no pics with it on.  I’ll have to remedy that as well.  And with that, I’m signing off for tonight.



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