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March 8, 2011

Yay for Constitutional Carry?

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Utah is attempting to pass House Bill 129.  This allows for the concealed carry of firearms without the requirement of a permit for those that are not restricted persons (mental health issues, felons, etc).  This also means no training.

I believe that people should be required to get training before exercising that RIGHT!

I believe that people should get journalism degrees or at least take a 3 hour course before they can say whatever they want. That right can only be exercised where the law doesn’t prohibit it. You cannot say whatever you want in churches, jails, mental hospitals, within 1000 feet of any school of any kind, from Pre-School up through post-secondary.

You may not practice your religion of choice until you take at least a 3 hour course in theology. You also may not practice it until you’ve paid about $105 to the government to prove that you will exercise it appropriately. You may only practice this particular right in your home or in a church. All other places are inappropriate because it will infringe on other peoples’ rights, assuming they’ve taken the appropriate courses and paid their fees for exercising that right.

You may not petition the government for a redress of grievances until you take 3 hours of civics classes. That’s just for the right to email the government. If you want a Class III license, you must complete a full and complete background check, have interned for a lobbyist, be licensed by the Bureau of Petitions and Redresses, which we all know can’t be done until you complete a full semester of coursework dealing with government. Civics, politics, etc qualify for this requirement. This Class III license will allow you to send emails repeatedly and allow you to meet personally with government officials, if they allow for it. Definitions: Meeting means to come withing 300 feet of the person.

You may not assemble with 2 other citizens in a public venue until you have taken 3 hours worth of courses dealing with speech, political organization, and any courses that the Department of Homeland Security may deem appropriate (always subject to their opinion which varies at any given time).

You may not remain silent during an arrest if you are the arrested person unless you have taken a 3 hour course in criminal methodology or criminal law.

The Constitution allows for reasonable restriction, after all.


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