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December 12, 2010

Quote of the day – Paul Helmke (WHAT?!)

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“It shows how weak our gun laws are and how making guns part of everyday life has taken over the culture here.”

-Paul Helmke

In response to the stories relating to the child’s accidental death by his own untrained hand.  Mr. Helmke, it’s not about the gun taking over culture.  It’s about our culture not agreeing with yours.  See, it’s not taking over our culture.  It’s always been our culture.  It’s the same thing as someone that is not a fan of football trying to ban the playing of football games in high school sports.  Sure, it’s dangerous.  People have died playing it.  It’s even BORING to some.  But it’s not to us.  We put food on the table and we keep our enemies at bay, all with a simple implement.  It also seems like a lot of America wants to be just as self-sufficient.  Learn to live on your own, don’t rely on Uncle Sam.  Just make sure you don’t use something that you can’t control.

We may bring new members into the fold, but the culture has always been here and always will; inviting, teaching, and learning from new members.


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