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November 9, 2010

Long time no see!

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I need to get back in the habit again.  I need to post more.  Let’s get it (re)started in here.

Election season is over.  We won big enough to make a difference.  Maybe we’ll see some of the failings in government get turned around.  There, obligatory political soap boxing done.

Had a good time with the kid during Halloween.  He’s only 13 months, so not old enough to enjoy it like all the other kids, but he did have fun.  Pics later, I promise.  Now we’re into ‘The Holidays’.  It’s time to prep for Thanksgiving and all of the traveling associated.  Then it’s time for Christmas…  and all of the traveling associated.

We’re not doing anything special for Thanksgiving.  I’ll probably try my hand at my first turkey ever.  Since I live in an apartment, there won’t be any deep fried turkeys.  Some cranberry sauce that glops out still in the shape of the previously hosting can.

So what I REALLY have to look forward to is Christmas.  I got a 42″ TV for my birthday, so I can’t expect a lot for Christmas.  My wife wants me to tell her something I want, but I don’t think she’d be up for a new .308 so soon after the TV.  That means I won’t be getting it probably until early next year.  I emailed Joe Huffman a week or so back to ask if I could help out with Boomershoot and he graciously accepted.  I still have to send back the ATF explosives form, but it’s just waiting for a stamp right now.

I’m such a dork.  I think it’s the coolest thing with other bloggers link to me.  Jay at MArooned linked to a story I sent him via email.  The homeowner catches a man with the screen off and working on the glass door at 3 o’dark A.M. and does that needed to be done to protect his children and wife.  The world is now less one dirtbag.  It’s interesting how the families of the aggressors view this.  They’re either lying to ‘honor’ the dead or they’re actually deluded into thinking their loved one was the innocent angel they all thought the person was.  I don’t are that this dude was THINKING of going into the military.  What I cared about was what he did when it counted.  He attempted to enter the domicile occupied by a family uninvited.  I only feel sorry for the man that had to protect his family, but I’m glad he did.


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