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June 1, 2010

Gun pr0n, Vol. 1

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I like guns.  A lot.  I shot plenty of them in the Corps.  By the time I really liked them on a personal basis, I was married with a kid on the way.  What does that mean?  Cheap guns only!  My first gun was a Ruger LCP.  $300, reliability, good reviews, and fits in the pocket.  No, I’m not going to drop a bear with it, but I got it because I want it to stop a BG.

Today however, I add to the collection.  It’s an early Father’s Day gift from the spousal unit.

No, it won’t drop a bear, either.  I want it to plink with and to kill varmints, so I intended on getting a Marlin 60.  Instead, I ended up getting a Winchester Wildcat 22, based off of the TOZ-78.  Feels solid, nicely balanced on the forehand during firing, and has some heft to it.  I need to get an optic for it, otherwise I don’t even have iron sights, but I knew that going in.  I was looking at spare magazines for it, but thankfully it was for naught.  Winchester packaged it with a 5 round mag and 3x 10 round mags.  Good to go!

I won’t get to shoot it until the weekend, unfortunately.  Until then, I can only enjoy it the same way you can.  Looking at it…


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